The ultimate first world problem.

You’d think that with a three week
European holiday looming I would be dreaming of the beach and planning what tourist sites I want to visit. Instead, mum has decided that it is much more important to plan exactly what I’ll be wearing for each leg of our 20ish hour journey.

As one who normally travels in old leggings (often with holes) and an oversized jumper, I’m finding the concept of having…

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The Countdown

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, mostly because I haven’t been anywhere in quite some time, however, the excitement is mounting as I prepare to take my next adventure, to Europe. Nowadays, so many Australians travel to Europe it’s become a cliched holiday destination which is a real shame. I’ll admit that I have visited my fair share of times, alone and with family,…

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Find your happy place.

Find your happy place.

What do you think of when someone says “find your happy place”?

Personally, I am instantly transported back to America. The obvious choice would be New York because it is, without a doubt, my favourite place on earth, however, sometimes I find myself picturing other places just for fun. There is Aspen, another obvious choice I suppose, with the snow capping the mountains and the fairy lights…

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Dumplings of the gods

On a Saturday afternoon, starving after a hard morning of manis and pedis, my aunty Anna and I approach the little Asian restaurant on the ground floor of high point shopping centre. Lucky for us there is a rare lack of people trying to get a table and we line up behind one other group. Most people have chosen the take away line instead as the restaurant is already packed with people.


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Melbourne - part dos

Melbourne – part dos

Last time I left you, avid readers, mum and I were on the plane with a casual thirty firemen. Spoiler alert: that’s not all that happened on my weekend away, it’s not even everything that happened on the flight!

So I’m sitting in my allocated seat, reading The Economist (broadening my horizons and such) when the lovely flight attendant comes by offering tea or coffee. “So what are you going to…

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A trip to Melbourne - Be cool Mum.

A trip to Melbourne – Be cool Mum.

The trip all started with a 5:30am wake up call, an exhausting boot camp session and a train ride with half of the year 7s in Sydney to the airport. We arrive at terminal three, check in, drop mum’s bag off and make our way to the Qantas Club for breakfast, coffee and a quick scan over the morning papers. Inside the lounge, morning heaven ensues. There are newspapers hanging around for everyone…

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The weekend began, two girls driving off into the sunset towards the “paradise” that is Forster. We crawled up the highway towards the freeway entrance and when we got there, we flew.

Our classic road trip stop was at the gourmet F3 cafe stop where we…

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Everyone needs to get over the fact that magazines use photoshop. The latest mag to cop the heat has been Vogue for their (amazing) Lena Dunham shoot and cover. The photos are seriously incredible shot by the undoubtedly talented Annie Liebovitz, and all…

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